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Recording Cycles

All women are obligated to keep a detailed record of bleeding and purity, referred to as a habit chart, including dates and times. In case of any irregularities, a written record allows her to accurately pinpoint which days are menstruation and purity. Without this, a woman will not know whether she is obligated to fast and pray. 


How to Record Your Cycle

Technology has made it easy for a woman to keep track of her cycle. There are multiple apps available and there is always the traditional method of recording the information on a calendar or in a notebook. Regardless of the method, the following information should be included:

  • Record all days in which there is blood or coloured discharge, whether it is continuous or intermittent. 
  • Record the start/end time of each instance of bleeding, using hours and minutes.  
  • Record the colour of the discharge, such as whether it is black, brown, red, yellow, etc.


Please click here to download a template of the calendar.