Taught by a female scholar, the Women’s Essentials course returns to Rayyan Institute to educate Muslim women on navigating issues pertaining to menstruation (hayd), post-natal bleeding (nifas) and irregular bleeding (istihada) in an interactive online setting.

In this course, you will learn the practical fiqh aspects of menstruation so you can achieve a level comfort in knowing your worship is being conducted in an accepted manner. Many Muslim women today strive to do their best in dealing with the fiqh of menstruation but often find themselves  struggling to navigate the complexities of calculating habits, determining the type of discharge they are experiencing or dealing with irregular bleeding. There are times when some even find themselves in the middle of their worship, such as salat or a fast in Ramadan, not knowing what correct course of action to take. Without access to qualified scholarship or correct information, deciphering these issues can be quite unnerving. This course intends to equip you with the required knowledge to tackle these issues with ease and confidence and to allow you to build a strong foundation around these important issues.

This course is for sisters only.